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Motorcycle or Scooter?

As of now the State of Florida does not distinguish  between Motorcycles and Scooters as far as Endorsements are concerned. The Choice is up to you which ever you are most comfortable riding, Rider's Choice Training supplies either you choose.

Please send any questions you may have for us.

Reach Out to Us

1112 US Hwy 19 Holiday Florida 34691

Phone: 7279377433


How to Find Us


What If It Rains?

We Ride in light rain as long as it is safe to Ride, bring your Rain gear in case it does rain, If class is postponed due to weather, we work with you to complete the class as soon as possible.

Call For Class Info:(727) 937-7433

Rider's Choice


What Do I Need For Class?

Class Requirements

The Following are Items Required to Participate in the Riding Portion of Class.

1. Boots or Shoes that cover and support your ankles

2. Long Pants

3. Jacket or Shirt that go to your wrist. (Dress according to the expected weather)

4.Full Fingered Gloves ( We have a limited supply if you forget)

5.Eye Protection ( We have a limited supply if you forget)

6. Helmet ( We have Plenty if you don't have one yet)